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Saint Francis Center

Who We Are

At the most basic but fundamental level, St. Francis Center is a safe, secure, and accepting environment - "a place of peace" and refuge from the dangers of the streets. We refer to those we serve as "guests" because what we offer to people first and foremost is respect and hospitality. With roots in the Episcopal Church, we believe that goodness and Godliness dwell in each of us and his/her dignity as a human being should always be honored; therefore, every individual is welcomed to SFC just as he or she is.

St. Francis Center provides valuable services that fill a niche in the homeless continuum of care. While there are overnight bed shelters and places that provide meals, SFC has daytime hours when resources are most available for those seeking opportunities for self sufficiency. Guests can utilize any of the following services: showers, clothing room, use of SFC's mailing address and phone number, storage space, health clinic, social services, street outreach, employment counseling, and case-managed housing. More than anything else, we offer hope when it is needed most.

What We Do

St. Francis Center (SFC) is the premier daytime service provider for those experiencing homelessness in metro Denver. As an independent 501(c)(3), non-profit organization with a 32 year history, we are proud of our impact in the community and the difference we have made, with the help of many faithful friends, in the lives of thousands of homeless men and women who have visited our center in need of refuge and in search of transformation.