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As a Skills-Based Volunteer for the Website Build Initiative, you will provide professional technical assistance and work with a small business owner on a specific short-term project related to web design and digital marketing that falls within the scope of your professional experience and/or subject matter expertise.

Projects include creating a marketing plan, logo design, graphic design, photography, videography, digital marketing, and more! The project parameters will be identified, and the time commitment estimated up-front according to the type of project.

Your commitment as a volunteer for the Website Build Initiative will include:

  • A commitment to being available for the agreed upon period.
    • Marketing plan: 4-6 weeks per client of check-ins once or twice per week (according to client needs)
    • Photography or Videography: 1-3 days per client
    • Logo design or Graphic design: 1-3 weeks per client
  • Coordinate with the entrepreneur and United for Business staff to discuss project details and agree on deliverables and timeline for completion as well as days and times that you will meet with the entrepreneur.
  • Document and send to the United for Business team the work completed with the small business owner, and hours worked on the project.

Spanish speaking volunteers especially needed.

In-person and virtual options available based on your schedule and your client's needs. For more information about this opportunity please contact the Volunteer Engagement Team at volunteer@unitedwaydenver.org 

Opens Oct 17, 2023 1:00pm
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Oct 17, 2024 1:00pm or when space runs out.
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