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Youth Initiative of Adams County (ACYI)




The Youth Initiative of Adams County (ACYI) is working to make this future a reality. How? We connect vital community resources that improve achievement throughout infancy, childhood, adolescence, and young adults. Simply put, what we try to do is help build a brighter future for children and youth in Adams County.

We invest into strategies and interventions that help our children and youth excel…from birth to the day they land their first job. Working together, we improve their life potential through the most powerful tool we have—quality education.

Consider this, nearly 1/3 of Adams County residents are under the age of 18 and almost 9 percent are under the age of 5, making preschool age children the most populous age group in our county. Compared to other counties in Colorado, a large proportion of Adams County families face difficult circumstances—lower household incomes, higher rates of single mothers and teen births, more uninsured children, and higher proportion of English Language Learner (ELL) students.

Support and resources really do go a long way to creating change. Now, more than ever, our future starts here.

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