The Delores Project



The Delores Project provides welcoming, low-barrier shelter and services for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals during times of homelessness. We believe that hospitality, respect, and regard for the dignity of each individual lay the groundwork for forming positive relationships leading to lasting change.
Each year, The Delores Project serves nearly 450 individuals and 20,000 nights of shelter through our Emergency and Extended Stay shelter programs.
At the Delores Project, we hold hope for people who have temporarily lost their capacity for confidence. We believe that change comes for each person in their own time and in their individual way and that our guests deserve a choice when planning for their future. In our programs, we collaborate with our guests as they identify individual needs and goals we can help them meet. We believe in the value of recognizing mistakes or poor choices as places from which to learn and move forward. Everyone deserves second, third and more chances to recover and reclaim their lives.
We believe that in extending true hospitality, our guests will begin to believe that they are worthy of our care and regard. To this end, we provide services with as few requirements and barriers as possible. For example, guests are not required to present identification or immediately commit to a long term program. We welcome each guest, as they are, with no immediate expectations that they must “fix” their lives as quickly as possible; people are not broken.

5 People | 10 Impacts | 20 Hours

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