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Our compassionate end-of-life care is provided in the patient’s home, whether that is a home address, nursing home, assisted living community, independent living community or other location. It focuses on the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of both the individual patient and our patients’ loved ones: caregivers, spouses, children, extended family and friends. We emphasize dignity and peace, controlling pain and other symptoms so the patient can remain as alert and comfortable as possible. Our medical social workers help the family understand and cope with loss; we can also call upon non-denominational chaplains to provide additional spiritual support and grief counseling. - Assists the patient with the emotional and psychological aspects of dying - Assertively manages the patient’s pain and symptoms with the goal of minimizing or eliminating pain and discomfort - Provides medications related to the illness for symptom control and pain relief - Provides necessary equipment such as a hospital bed, wheelchair, walker and oxygen - Provides spiritual care support through experienced chaplains and social workers - Teaches families about how to care for the patient - Delivers special services like dietary, speech and physical therapy - Makes short-term inpatient care available when pain or symptoms become too difficult to manage at - home, or if the caregiver needs respite - Offers volunteers for companionship and support
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