Harvest of Hope Pantry



Harvest of Hope Pantry opened its doors in 2012.

Our sole mission is food assistance. We offer a client choice shopping experience where individuals select preferred foods within our shopping allowances.

We are the only food pantry in Boulder that serves everyone who comes to the door. By offering separate shopping times for Clients with Kitchens and Clients without Kitchens, we address the individual needs of both populations.

For our Clients without Kitchens, the pantry ensures that their shopping experience allows them to leave with a daily amount of supplemental food to fill the gap that other services are unable to offer. Providing easy-to-eat foods, such as protein bars, pop-top canned items, yogurt, produce and fresh sandwiches, gives clients easy-to-transport foods.

Our Clients with Kitchens have the opportunity to select refrigerated and frozen foods, in addition to fresh produce and bread, with consideration to food safety. A variety of dairy foods, perishable prepared meal items and protein foods, are available to these clients with refrigeration. They have the opportunity to shop one day each week.

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