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The mission of Minds Matter Colorado is to support the educational dreams of high-achieving high school students from low-income households across the state by providing them with the help and guidance they need to get into and succeed at the college of their choice. We are statewide program that operates in local communities to provide every high-achieving, Colorado high school student from a low-income household the opportunity to go to the college of their choice.

New | See the Change with Minds Matter At Minds Matter Colorado, we’re on a mission to prove that it's ability, not access, that should determine college choice for qualified students. We help high-achieving low-income high school students earn college choice through three years of mentoring, after-school programming, and summer college experiences. As a result, 100% of our graduates complete high school on time and are accepted to four-year colleges and universities with scholarships! If you've been looking for a concrete way to give back to the community and use your limited time as efficiently (~2 hours a week) as possible to visibly change the future, learn more and apply now!

Questions? Email joinus@mindsmatterco.org

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