To increase access and opportunities for Latinos and influence the systems that serve them.

A community where Latinos are educated, prosperous, healthy and engaged.

As Hillsborough County's largest minority group, Hispanics represent more than 300,00 of the county's 1.2 million residents. Hispanic Services Council (HSC), has represented the issues and concerns of Latinos for over 26 years, ensured that families receive services to address their housing, economic, health, and educational needs. HSC's work priority areas are: Education, Health, and Civic Engagement through the following services:
  • Education:La Red de Padres Activos/Networking of Active Parents:
  • Health - Puentes de Salud/Bridges to Health:
  • Civic Engagement:Immigration Legal Services & Advocacy(ILSA):

The Hispanic Services Council Volunteer Program is looking to recruit volunteer to assist in our Network of Active Parents program. We are serving families with children from ages 3-13 years residing in Hillsborough County. We are looking for ESOL teachers and/or instructors volunteers to teach English as a second Language to the families we serve. If you are passionate about teaching, helping and making a difference, then this is an opportunity for you.

The Network of Active Parents program provides families with a 12 weeks curriculum that navigate participants through the educational system in Hillsborough County Public Schools. We provide support and build confident by empowering our families to be engaged in the education of their children. Along with that, when we provide parents the opportunity to learn English they feel also empowered by one of the things that becomes one of the biggest barrier, the ability to speak, understand and be understood by others when communicating in a non-native language.

We need Volunteers in all areas we serve:

  • Drew Park
  • North Tampa
  • Brandon
  • Wimauma
  • Plant City
If this opportunity speaks to your heart and you like additional information, please contact:

Anissah Tomas
Volunteer Resource Liaison
Phone: 813.510.7992
Email: Anissah.Tomas@hispanicservicescouncil.org
Website: https://www.hispanicservicescouncil.org/

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