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Hello Buffs! Welcome to CU Boulder's listing page for service opportunities across campus, in the Boulder, and surrounding communities. This page is managed by the Volunteer Resource Center on campus. We're here to help, whether you're looking to volunteer or you're recruiting volunteers and want to connect with the CU or Boulder community. Visit us at, or message us here with any questions.


Our passion is helping people. We thrive on the idealism and enthusiasm of college students. We work to build partnerships between the CU Boulder campus community and Boulder.

We strive to work towards the vision of a society of active citizens, who view the community as a priority when making life decisions. We believe volunteerism is a tool for the transformation of individuals and society and is a vehicle for social justice.

We are consistently working with and assessing the needs of the campus community in relationship to the needs of the many communities that exist outside of campus. 

We work to create programming and events for the CU community that will ultimately encourage lifelong engagement in the world.

We are dedicated to helping students as well as staff and faculty explore opportunities and understand sustainable ways in which to create an impact and affect positive social change.

The Volunteer Resource Center organizes under a philosophy of service that believes education and reflection are essential components of service, focuses on strengths and reciprocal relationships, emphasizes the interconnectedness of social and environmental justice issues, and commits to diversity and inclusion.

Sustainable Development Goals
88,589 People | 15,086 Impacts | 30,872 Hours | 0 Dollars | 881,077 Total Economic Impact

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