Hope Communities



We build communities of opportunity in greater Denver through supportive and affordable rental housing providing pathways that make it possible for children and adults to achieve their personal and economic goals.

We measure housing affordability as a percentage of annual household income, using 30% as a benchmark. A recent report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition found that there is not a single state in the US where the average wage of renters who work full time covers the cost of an average two-bedroom apartment.

Housing is essential to providing a secure foundation for individual and family growth. We recognize the connection between limited economic resources and a lack of opportunity – from adequate housing, education, and economic security, to mobility, health, and well-being. Hope Communities offers resident families the chance to build upon a solid foundation of affordable housing to achieve stability and independence.

We are committed to preserving the rich cultural diversity of the neighborhoods we serve and doing our part to ensure Denver remains a city of opportunity for all.

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