Wesley Fellowship at CU Boulder



At Wesley, a heart for others is the only faith you need to get involved. 

The Wesley Fellowship at CU Boulder is a ministry of the United Methodist Church. Wesley is an open, inclusive space where all are warmly welcomed and deeply loved. It is our mission to be the hands and feet of God in the world by loving our neighbors, fighting for social justice, caring for Creation, and working transform our world with grace and peace. In this place we put our faith into action and allow our action to restore faith in the world.

Caring for marginalized populations and meeting the needs of our community is at the heart of what Wesley is all about. Our volunteer opportunities include our Peanut Butter n' Luvin lunch program for our homeless neighbors, Everyday Grace period pantry, Weeds of Change community garden, and an ever expanding list of other impactful events. Each of these programs provides a vital service - feeding those who are hungry, providing critical hygiene products, etc. More than that, we strive to not only offer tangible resources, but to build relationships with those we serve. Share a peanut butter sandwich lunch as you get to know the story of someone living alone the Boulder Creek. Shop alongside women utilizing the period pantry. Learn how to garden from an elderly neighbor as you hear the stories of her prize-winning tomatoes. 

Come. Let's love the world together.
Sustainable Development Goals
2 People | 1 Impact | 40 Hours

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