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The mission of Boulder Public Library is "Connecting people, ideas, and information to transform lives and strengthen our community." We involve volunteers as part of our team to provide excellent programs and services for our community. Every year, hundreds of volunteers contribute their time and talents to the library, gaining new skills and getting a behind-the-scenes view, while helping us provide services to the whole community.

Volunteers are involved in the library’s work in many ways including:

  • Partnering with adults and kids to build literacy skills
  • Capturing oral histories
  • Bringing library materials to those who cannot get to the library
  • Tidying up our library shelves
  • Sorting donated materials and stocking our bookstore
  • Helping with special events and programs
  • Answering technology questions
  • Teaching kids and adults the strategy through Go Club
  • Providing administrative support to our departments
  • Advising our library on and creating teen programs

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