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United Way of Larimer County leads philanthropy in our community, ensuring that gifts of time, talent and treasure address today’s greatest needs – and reduce tomorrow’s.

OUR Approach 

Community needs change over time, which is why the United Way of Larimer County encourages nimble and innovative human services. Right now, through United Way, you can benefit our community in four ways:

  • EDUCATION: You can help our kids learn. Through United Way of Larimer County, our local preschoolers are better prepared for school, and local students are better prepared to enter the workforce.

    Education is the best way to ensure a strong economy and a vibrant community.

  • FINANCIAL STABILITY: You can help your neighbors in need. Through United Way of Larimer County, local residents can better navigate challenging times and get on the road to self-sufficiency.

    Financial stability is the best way to decrease the need for future social services.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: You can help inspire more civic participation.To get more people involved, United Way of Larimer County recruits and engages volunteers, encourages collaboration, creates a pipeline of civic leaders, and engages community employers.

    The most successful communities demonstrate high levels of community engagement.

  • NONPROFIT EXCELLENCE: You can help our nonprofit organizations be as efficient and effective as possible. Through United Way of Larimer County, our local nonprofits benefit from professional development, shared services, outcome evaluation, and more.

    Excellent nonprofits are vital to creating and maintaining a resilient community.
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