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We harvest surplus food from farms, orchards, and "backyard" fruit trees to reduce food loss and increase nutritional security throughout Colorado. Our volunteers reconnect with the life-sustaining power of food, moving us toward a food system in which farmers are valued for who they are: a cornerstone of our society. ReFED estimates that in 2019, 35 percent of all food in the U.S.—80.6 million tons—went to waste. Of the nearly 17 million tons of surplus produce generated at the farm level, a staggering 82 percent reached maturity but was left behind after harvest, with less than two percent of this surplus recovered and donated for hunger relief. While food remains unharvested on farms, Hunger Free Colorado conducted a survey showing that 33 percent of Coloradans experienced food insecurity in 2021. Since 2017, with the help of many volunteers, we have harvested nearly 1 million servings of locally grown fruits and veggies and diverted this resource into local hunger-relief agencies. It is our collective responsibility to realize a more equitable food system.
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