Showers for All



The Showers For All mobile trailer provides showers and laundry to those living on the streets of Denver.  Two full service bathrooms and multiple washers & dryers deliver a critical, and often forgotten, service to those struggling with homelessness and poverty.

The lack of shower/laundry facilities for people in need is a health crisis. But we know this simple service can deliver big results...

  • Dirty clothes lead to harmful skin conditions,
  • and invasive insect infestations.
  • During menstrual cycles, women unable to clean are at higher risk of infection and Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • Unclean job seekers are at an immediate  disadvantage to other applicants.
  • Personal hygiene = Feeling valued, particularly for those with  mental health challenges.
  • Regular showers and laundry mean less missed school days for children .
11 People | 6 Impacts | 26 Hours

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