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The Audio Information Network of Colorado serves Coloradans who are blind, visually impaired and text impaired. Our primary service is a broadcast of audio version of many local newspapers and magazines recorded by our volunteers. We also offer a support group, low vision book club, and access to your first white cane through our new initiative The White Cane Project. 

Volunteers are the heart and voice of AINC.  Every year, our volunteers support us in a number of ways, including reading and recording thousands of hours of Colorado print so that people who struggle to read can have access. Their generosity offers more than self-sufficiency, it offers humanity and connection. This is vital, because our listeners are frequently older adults with vision loss – many of whom live alone. Their commitment to professionalism and quality means that over 100,000 print-impaired Coloradoans have daily access to newspapers, transit guides, grocery sales ads, and SO much more.
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