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Hi This is Ellie Grant with Equest in Dallas, Texas. Thank you for the webinar today. Is there any fee associated with being a part of GivePulse?
Hi Ellie! So glad you found the webinar informative. There is no fee associated with creating a group ( and listing events ( on GivePulse! If you would like to activate additional features for your group — such as additional group admins, survey functionality, private events, additional subgroups, and more — you can tier up; you can learn more about that on our pricing page ( If you need help with setting up a free GivePulse page for your group or would like to learn more about additional features, let me know here or contact — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 22, 2020
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Hello! I am Paula Rivadeneira, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Central Texas in Waco. Because the City is in charge of intake and they are not using intake diversion techniques to their fullest, our intake numbers have not changed during the outbreak. As a result, we are still allowing some of our long time volunteers to walk dogs, and we have invited some new volunteers to join our K9 Clean Team to give baths to dogs with skin issues. The responsibility of the Humane Society is to get dogs out of here alive so we have doubled our foster numbers, which has allowed our kennel inventory to decrease, even with high intake numbers. We are asking volunteers to post on social media about our animals who need homes, and we have some making phone calls for follow ups. Once the pandemic ends and we return to normal, or to a new normal, we will be kicking off an exciting new Volunteer Program with the help of GivePulse!
Welcome, Paula! We are excited to help get the new Volunteer Program up and running. In the meantime, glad to hear that foster numbers have doubled. That's truly amazing. For the wonder volunteers helping out those animals who are not yet in homes, are there any specific safety protocols that you've found particularly effective for protecting these folks? :) — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 6, 2020
We are maintaining social distancing, wearing gloves and masks, and insisting on a lot of handwashing. We also do not allow volunteers to work together - everyone works independently so we can keep distance between them. We also don't have more than 5 volunteers here at any one time. — Paula Rivadeneira Paula Rivadeneira on April 6, 2020
Thanks so much, Paula! These are all super important precautions. — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 10, 2020
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Hi there, My name is Blair Stirek and I am the Volunteer Relations Manager at APA!. We are in the process of transitioning to GivePulse. Things have been put on hold a bit, but we will be fully transitioning once all of this is hopefully over. We of course are still using volunteers all day everyday but have implemented a system to make sure that they are split into groups and there is no crossover.
Hi Blair! We are so excited to have you with us! I'm glad to hear you've been able to set up a system to keep your volunteers safe. How many volunteers are in each group? Do you have any ways that you're sharing safety protocols with these groups? — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 3, 2020
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Hi there! I'm Mariana, a Community Success and Support Coordinator here at GivePulse. I'm glad that we all have this space to share our stories, struggles, and most importantly, our success during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hi! I'm Erica, a product manager with GivePulse. I'll be monitoring and chiming in to see how to best make enhancements to our platform to support our community's work! Let us know about your biggest challenges, and let's tackle them together!
Hello. My name is Regina and I am the Volunteer Project Manager at Convoy of Hope. Currently all volunteer projects have been put on pause at Convoy of Hope, so we are using this time to reach out to our volunteers, thank them and check in with them.
Welcome, Regina! This is a great period to reach out to your volunteers and solidify those connections. How have volunteers responded to these changes? — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 2, 2020
Our volunteers have been great! Many continue to volunteer their time to help the community by helping elderly or immune compromised neighbors grocery shop. Almost all have committed to praying, sharing and giving to Convoy of Hope during this time since they can't come in person to volunteer. A neat thing that came out of my volunteer check in calls was that many of the volunteers asked if they could make calls to check on others for us. We began engaging those volunteers with donor calls to thank them & do wellness checks on them. :) — Kari Kirby Kari Kirby on April 2, 2020
Thanks so much for sharing! That's so great to hear that the volunteers have been looking for things they can do and responding to these new needs. What a wonderful community. :) — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 3, 2020
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My name is Kaitlin — I'm a Community Engagement Success Manager with GivePulse, and I'll be monitoring this page so our team can continue to respond to changing needs during this time. I'm excited to work with all of you!