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How has your organization used this as an opportunity to encourage volunteers to convert to donors? What have been pressure points that might prevent this from happening?

Thank you for this. I work for a disaster relief agency, and we are actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has given us another platform to reach individuals and ask for their financial support. I have been using GivePulse for years as a volunteer recruitment and hour verification tool, but I had no idea about the donation feature. Thank you!
For anyone interested in our GivePulse event or for more information about our COVID-19 response you can check out the event I created here:
Hi, Regina! Glad that we can help with this — please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you set up fundraising and donations! Your work is so vital at this time (and always). Thank you for all that you do. — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 2, 2020
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Hi. I'm the founder and CEO of Rockin’ Baker, a Northwest Arkansas-based nonprofit bakery offering comprehensive on-the-job training to individuals with intellectual and developmental difficulties.

As COVID-19 forces Rockin’ Baker’s primary clientele, local restaurants, to temporarily shut their doors, we launched a matching-gift fundraiser, “Rise Up Together,” in direct response to multiple coronavirus-related business and school closures throughout the community. The Rise Up Together campaign provides a way for the bakery to continue serving Northwest Arkansans on the Autism spectrum even as it distributes handmade bread to local food banks, schools, and low-income communities through Seeds That Feed.
Thanks to early donations from individuals and organizations we were able to produce artisan bread this week. Since we launched our Rise Up Together initiative we've been able to deliver over 2,400 servings and estimating to double that amount following week. We've communicated our campaign on radio and social media with some results in just a couple of days, including donations, in-kind donations and volunteers.
That's amazing! As a former SPED teacher and therapist for kids on the Autism Spectrum this warms my heart! You're doing a service in so many ways. Did you reach out to local businesses right away or did you already have an established relationship with them (for matching-gift fundraising)? Some organizations on GivePulse are posting in-kind donations as open opportunities and then providing the info on what they need and where to drop off as shifts. Keep up the great work! — Aurora Larrazolo Aurora Larrazolo on March 27, 2020
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Activate your donate button and set up a fundraising campaign! This will then be searchable on the GivePulse search page. Check out this article about how to do so: