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Volunteer Safety

For in-person volunteering, what are protocols your organization follows to ensure safety for your volunteers, clients, and staff?

Oh! And teach kids to stay "one llama away" from each other!
Thanks, Mariana! "One llama"... I love that! :) — Kaitlin Sandmann Kaitlin Sandmann on April 2, 2020
If you live in Canada you're recommended to stay one hockey stick away from eachother! :) — Aurora Larrazolo Aurora Larrazolo on April 3, 2020
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Hi Kaitlin!

There are some organizations that keep sharing tips with their volunteers to stay safe! I saw on the news this morning that big stores, such as Walmart, are actually putting signs on the floor to remind shoppers to stay 6 feet away from others at all times!
Make sure liability forms and waivers are up to date to reflect changing risks and regulations.
One respondent to our survey said that their organization has added extra time between shifts in order to allow more clean-up time. A thorough disinfection using alcohol-based rubs can prevent the spread of germs.