Every volunteer must complete a mandatory training prior to participating in the event.
• Must be able to attend two-hour training
• Must be able to walk and/or stand for continuous periods of time
• Must agree to and sign confidentiality agreement (and keep all client information confidential) 
• Commit to showing up at survey site regardless of weather (indoors or outdoors)
• Feel comfortable speaking and interacting with people experiencing homelessness

Shift Details

Shift NameFlex Spot- I am willing to go anywhere
Is Locked?You can only register to this shift if you know the private code.
If you sign up for this volunteer time, you are willing to be flexible and fill in any open spots. This could include indoor or outdoor locations, shelters, street outreach or magnet events.
Registrations3 out of 8
Date & TimeMon, Jan 28, 2019 5:00pm - 9:00pm
711 Park Ave West, Suite 320
Denver, CO 80205

Location: 711 Park Ave West, Suite 320, Denver, CO 80205