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    Brave Spaces: A Social Justice Action Series

    I appreciated learning about local data and community efforts to address hunger. One key point that stood out to me - hunger is invisible (unlike other challenges like homelessness) - and because it's less obvious, people don't talk about it as much and may be less compelled to address it. We need to fix that. It was very real to see how everyday hunger shows up when one participant in the chatbox said that they learned their child was sharing some of their lunch at school because a classmate was hungry and asked. Re:Vision is doing exciting, community-led work and using equitable approaches! Would like to hear what other orgs are doing around Denver too. Roweena was a great facilitator. Thank you MHUW!

    Gave 1.25 hours on 06/29/2021
    Strategic Investment Grant Review Training
    Project Homeless Connect 2019