Volunteers will receive a t-shirt upon check-in and should plan to wear that t-shirt for the duration of their volunteer shift. If you attend an in-person training you're welcome to collect your t-shirt at that date/time but will need to wear it to the event as we will not have extras.

Shift Details

Shift NameEvent Tear-Down
Assist with tear-down after the event is over. Includes leading supplies from the center to vehicles outside the venue, tearing down signs, gathering clipboards and breaking down tables and chairs. Tear-down will begin at 3 PM and the more people that help, the faster it will be done!
Registrations22 out of 25
Date & TimeTue, Jun 27, 2017 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Aurora Day Resource Center
623 E 19th Place
Denver, CO 80045

Location: Aurora Day Resource Center, 623 E 19th Place, Denver, CO 80045


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Norm S.
Dawn S.
Jancy S.
Cynthia A.
Chryztii H.
David L.
Hanna K.
Kendra S.
John W.
Lauren G.
Jamie L.
Kelly G.
Sheila M.
Mandy Y.
Tiffany C.
Mari Z.
James A.
Susan R.
Katie S.
Kristi O.