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    Rockin' Baker

    Training new cadet to start as an employee on Monday, accounting work, follow ups.

    Gave 3.50 hours on 08/23/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Rockin' Baker

    Producing loaves for Roots Festival to represent Rockin' Baker Academy!

    Gave 2.50 hours between 08/22/2019 and 08/23/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Tri Cycle Farms
    Rockin' Baker

    2 networking meetings to share the RBA story, connect with new people, and learn from others.

    Gave 3.50 hours between 08/21/2019 and 08/22/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Rockin' Baker

    Prepping materials for meeting with volunteering accountant, 2 meetings with accountant.

    Gave 5.50 hours between 08/20/2019 and 08/22/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Rockin' Baker

    It's always so fulfilling to start the process of accepting a new cadet, the training process to find out capabilities and needs.

    Gave 7.50 hours between 08/12/2019 and 08/22/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Rockin' Baker

    Volunteering to develop trade & soft on-the-job skills to help individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities transition into permanent employment. Bank errands, follow up emails, thank you notes, training, paperwork.

    Gave 7.45 hours between 08/12/2019 and 08/18/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Rockin' Baker

    Website; managing volunteers; attending & networking at The Company Club event with speaker Olivia Walton, follow up emails; updating board member on development, website & other topics; accounting.

    Gave 9.50 hours between 08/11/2019 and 08/14/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Rockin' Baker

    1. Finishing up 1Mm Cup presentation, presenting & networking. So pleased with the engagement, the questions, the desire to support my efforts.
    2. Meeting with U of A's Volunteer Center to run a pilot.
    3. Creating mission signs.

    Gave 7.00 hours between 08/06/2019 and 08/07/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA
    Rockin' Baker

    Outlining, designing & drafting a presentation with Startup Junkie's 1Million Cup

    Gave 2.45 hours on 08/04/2019 with WalmartGivesNWA