I am a first-year freshman in the Forensic Sciences bachelors program at ASU Online. I am interested in virtual and local service, along with attending educational seminars and webinars.



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    Global Health Journal Club: Mobile Health

    There was much to talk about. However, what stuck with me most was the challenges we face in mHealth. The emergence of mHealth has helped immensely, especially since the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are still disparities concerning providing adequate mHealth services and resources to impoverished, elderly, or linguistically impaired persons and groups. Providing these groups with more mHealth opportunities, accommodation, resources, information, and adequate internet and cell service is of dire importance. I believe we have the technology and resources; and the minds to help us create new ways to help these groups. It was disheartening to know so many cannot benefit from mHealth based on income brackets. I am a firm believer in care for all. I really enjoyed this journal and I can’t wait for the next!

    Gave 1.00 hour on 03/10/2022 with Sun Devils Serve, ASU Community Engagement Programs, Changemaker Central @ ASU